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Our company takes necessary actions according to meet the standards of TS EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 27001, EN ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 45001-2007 which meets the system of ERP.

Our production is done according to quality planning to meet the standards. Our production is observed throughout the process from the raw material to the end product with all relevant documentation.

Meeting customer needs in production is our main philosophy in quality. Our main aim is to improve this philosophy by constant R&D by designing customer-oriented quality products.



Our manufacturing process is tested and controlled according to both national and international standards in our own laboratory. The tests and equipments used in our laboratory are as below:


  • Raw material length and width control

  • Microstructural Analysis

  • Steel Purity Analysis

  • Hardness Control

  • Hardness depth Control

  • Magnetic Perticle Inspection 

  • Penetrant Test 

  • Thermal Heat Control

  • Visual Inspection


  • Vernier Caliter, Micrometer, Comparator, Surface Gauge

  • Microscope

  • Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine, Portable Hardness Testing Machine

  • Vickers Hardness Testing Machine

  • Magnetic Yoke

  • Penetrant Sıvısı 

  • Thermal Heat Control Machine

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