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Derin Kovalı Konveyör Zinciri
Derin Kovalı Konveyör Zinciri

Other sizes and breaking loads can be made upon request.


Other sizes and breaking loads can be made upon request.

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tablo rota sayfa3-1x.JPG
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Chain Link Plate
Wear of Sprockets
Pins, Bushes, Rollers

Friction between the inner and outer links as well as the inner link plate and the chain roller causes wear. In case of a reduction of the link plate thickness of more than 1/3 of the original thickness, the mechanical properties of the link plate and consequently, the breaking load of the chain is decreased significantly.

The misalignment of the sprockets and the shafts causes excessive wear and needs to be replaced. 

See below.

During the rotation of the chain, a high pressure occurs between the contact points of the bushes and the sprockets' profile which causes wear. Therefore, sprocket profiles are hardenned by induction heating. Sprockets should be replaced when there is a wear as shown above.

During the rotation of the chain, there is a wear between the bushes and the rollers. In order to delay this wear, surface-hardened shafts and bushes are used. The wear should be observed frequently as the whole chain needs to be replaced when the hardened areas show wear.

See below.

tablo rota sayfa4-2x.JPG

During the rotation of the chain, an alongation occurs because of the pressure between the pins, bushes and the link plates. This alongation should be observed carefully and the chain should be replaced when the alongation of the 3 pitches is more than 2-3%.


An indicator of excessive alongation is when the chain tends to ride up 

on the sprocket due to mismatch between the sprocket and the alonged chain pitch.

The weartime of a conveying chain depends on the heat treatment process of each individual part of the chain. Therefore, each part of Rota Conveyor Chains is manufactured to be durable to wear by being hardened through induction and cementation processes.  


Cementation is a surface heat treatment which increases the wear resistance on the surface of the hardened chain component. It is generally used for chain pins, bushes and rollers. Heating, carburizing, cooling during the heat treatment process is done and controlled fully automatically in order to guarantee a continuous quality of hardness.

Induction Hardening

The surfaces which are likely to wear out such as pins, rollers, sprockets are hardened through induction heating. The core is made tough and ductile to absorb impact and shock loads during chain rotation.

Through Hardening  (Quenching and Tempering)

Pins, rollers, sprockets and chain plates are all hardened via heat treatment to reach desired strength.

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