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Design: The design is simple consisting of three parts: the carrier link, the side links and the connecting pin which are alike and interchangeable.  

No bolts or Rivets: The chain can be assembled or taken apart by hand and no tool is required.

Strength: The design of the chain allows resistance to tension and bending. The strength of the chain is equal to the ultimate tensile strength of the chain link's cross section.

Straight lines: The straight line design of the chain eliminates all tension apart from the tension on the links by pins with double shear load. This provides an ultimate strength up to 3500kg depending on size and material.

Resistant to stretch: The chain is resistant to stretch by the absence of curves and archs in its design.

Shipped after complete assembly: All orders are completely assembled and delivered to the customer ready to be used. 

Spare parts: There is a wide range of spare parts which can be easily replaced.

Alloys and other materials: Stainless steel, 4140,4340 and other materials can be provided upon request.


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